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11 September 2012 @ 11:58 am

Been a year since I last logged into livejournal. Coincidentally so did dybbuk_rei with her latest entry.

Why am I back? Life has been sucky and I need an outlet to rant and now is a pretty good time to do so.

Two days back, I officially move out of my Sister's house and I am now officially homeless till I move into the rented room which will only be available on 17th September.

Why do I have to move out? Well, to put it nicely it's because my sis is pregnant and she requested that I move out as she needs the room for her baby and the maid to stay in.

I honestly do not mind moving out, afterall it is their house, not mine. And I kinda expected that I have to move out ever since I found out she was pregnant. But what I truly hated was the way I was told to move out. Sometime in July, my sis sms me all of a sudden and told me that after much disucssion, they decided it was best that I move out to stay because if the baby was to sleep in their room, my bro-in-law will not be able to rest properly after doing their business for the whole day. They needed me to move out by October and she even decided that I can move into my uncle or cousin's house and that she will even ask them on my behalf if I could stay with them. How nice of her right?

NO, it is not nice at all. They decided my fate without even consulting me on whether I would like to move in with my uncle or cousin. Discussion??? Discussion with who? You are talking about your brother's future place of stay and you don't even have the decency to sit down and discuss with me? Am I invicible all the time when I'm at home, that you can't just knock on my door and tell me about it? 

At first, I was fine no worries, I can have enough time to find a place and pack my things to move out by October. At that time I was really busy with work and streetfest D'J Party. So I thought, after I settle them by end July, then I start to look for places because I will still have bout 3 months time to do so. Well, I accepted her offer to help check with my uncle whether I could move in with them because I do not have their contact number. So she checked and inform and told me that I cant move in with my uncle and I can still check with my cousin. At this point, I thought to myself, forget it, I rather not inconvenience any of my relatives and stay by my own.

Oh here comes the good part, I then asked them about the money they still owed me as I needed them to pay for rent etc...In case you dont know, the standard practice in Singapore for renting a room is 1 month deposit, Current month rental + one month worth of rent as agent fee. 

(a little sidetrack here, in total I took two separate loans for my sister & bro-in-law to help them in doing business. The first time, I took about $7000 and the 2nd time I took about $13,000, cant remember the exact amount. Why do I have to take a loan on their behalf? Because you need a steady income to take a loan in Singapore and both of them are not eligible or have any collaterals to take a loan by themselves. However, the 2nd time I took the loan, I made a mistake because my job requires that I cant take an unsecured loan of more than 3 months. Otherwise, I would be considered as being financially embarassed. Realizing that, I asked them to help clear bout half of the loan as soon as possible, so that the loan amount is not more than 3 months of my pay. They coughed out some money unwillingly and I took an insurance loan (secured with collateral hence no problem) to halve the loan first. The insurance loan I took was $4500 and till today they have not returned me the money, even though their business have picked up and according to them, they are earning quite well. Once my bro-in-law told me that their monthly income could hit as much as 30 to 80K)

Ok back on topic, since now you know about how they owe me money. There was still some outstanding loan amount with the financial company and so I told her to settle that as well. She then goes on to say that they will give me half of the money they owe me in October when I move out and the other half in Dec. My sis says I still need to continue paying them the $400 rent per month, which was only fair. Then she starts being calculative and said that I didnt pay them my share for my mother's birthday celebration back in May and they will deduct 250 from the amount they owe me. I told her that I prefer that they settle insurance loan in one go because the insurance company don't accept partial payment and it is also more convenient that way due to the way the interest rates add up for the loan. I also said that I will pay them the $250 separetly and told her not to make it sound like that I never intended to pay them back.

Tadah...and that started a super long argument on sms. She starts saying that I wasn't automatic and should have asked her how much should I pay her back for my Mother's birthday. Like wtf? The recipt was with you, you know how much it cost totally and you couldnt calculate the amount I need to pay you back and now you start being calculative that I didnt take the initiative to return you the money. Initiative? if somebody owes me money, I will ask them for it....not wait for them to give me automatically. Absolutely ridiculous...and we went on arguing on sms until I was too tired and decided to just agree to disagree. But my sis just won't stop, even when I stopped replying she kept on sms-ing. I havent been on speaking terms with her since that day.

So whats next? Bout 1 week later, she sms me again and told me that she needs me to move out earlier, by end August or latest by mid Sept because according to her, they dont have enough time to renovate/refurbish the room and prepare for their business which is very busy towards the end of year. Obviously, that quarrel we had made her change her mind. So from 3 months of time to look for a new place and pack my items, I was left with only 1.5 months.

Bloody hell...I dont know if anybody can imagine the amount of anger in me that I have. Anyway, fast forward the time to 24th August, one day before my Birthday and came another sms from my bro-in-law asking me when exactly am I moving out? I said I needed bout 2-3 weeks more, which is exactly the time period they set for me the other time, mid September. You know what he replied? He said I have to move out by 9/10 September because the maid will be coming over and I have no choice but to move out by that time. Another WTF. So I told him, pls return me the loan money in full by that deadline too. Straight away he calls and says he can only give me $2000 first and the rest he can only give me at a later date.

So anyway, I started packing and thanks to my friend's help I managed to find a room near by office. but as mentioned earlier, I could only move in on the 17th September. I thought what the heck, I could just sleep in office for that one week. Last Thursday or Friday, my bro-in-law asked me personally (surprise, no sms) have I found a place. I told him yes, but I could only move in on the 17th. Then he starts being concern, saying why didnt i tell him earlier? so he could try to delay the maid a bit. I'm sorry, but who was the one who said that I have to move out by 9/10 September? And now he tries to be a nice guy and said that I could still sleep on the sofa in the living room because he basically he needs my room to be cleared to do the painting etc....after that he comes and talk to me nicely and said that no matter what, I still must let my mom know where Im staying and that during chinese new year, I have to go back to their house for reunion dinner. Then he said, he will transfer me the money by the Saturday 8th September.

Of cos the day came and past and he didn't transfer the money over, just like the numerous time he said in the past 2 years that he will return me the money but didnt.

Wow, wow wow....if you have read till here, thank you for your patience. I promise this rant will end soon. I cleared everything in my room and left on Sunday night. My bro-in-law then sms me later in the night, whether I was coming back to sleep? Sleep? By sleep he meant on the sofa. I'm really disturbed, who was the one that insisted I move out by 9/10 September? Now, he is asking me if I'm coming back to sleep? Last night, he sms me the same thing again and again I replied no. Then he said, if I'm not coming back I need to return him the key.

I didn't reply until this morning and told him I will mail him back the keys and asked him to return half of my money as he said he would. My sis then sms me later and said they had transferred $2000 to my bank account and asked me to acknowledge. And she asked me to mail the keys back by today. Then she send another sms asking me to wrap the keys properly so that they dont drop out. WTF? You think I'm an idiot? I dont know how to send important items securely? 

Anyway, this bring me to the end of my rant. I've been feeling real angry & emo for the past few months due to this. On top of that, work is a bitch too. I've never had a good relationship with my sister, there's too much history to be typed out. I could probably write a book if I were to type out everything. Since young, she would only be nice or talk to me nicely when she needs my help. And when she doesnt she treats me like shit. I really regret helping them take the loan for their business, now that their business has picked up they forgot who was the one who helped them. I helped them twice, without saying much, I just helped because after all you are my sister. The 2nd time I helped them, I almost got into trouble (to be fair, part of it was my fault cos I didnt know bout the not supposed to loan more than 3 months of my pay). How was I repaid? Of cos, if my Sister ever read this, she will bring out 1001 things in her defence and all the things that I've never done for the family. But well, I'm too tired and can't be bothered anymore.

I wish you all the best, especially your kid that is coming out soon. But know this, I will never ever help you again. Never again, I've had enough of this broken family. _|_

02 September 2011 @ 06:45 pm
My lj is as good as dead....I still haven't blog about my 3 days of Luna Sea live last December & now I have 1 day of Amuro Namie & 2 days of J's live to blog about....

10 March 2011 @ 01:36 am
I should probably get around to blogging bout the Dec Japan Trip, especially the Luna Sea lives.....
Then again............too many things to do & I love to procrastinate.

What??? 1.35am already!!!
Sigh........time to slp, work..........
10 August 2010 @ 10:01 am

Hi there, im still alive.
Im in a cab now n the taxi driver is damn irritating.
He has too keep stroking the steering wheel making this noises while he drives...

Its like the steering wheel is a pet or something, arrgh

Ok thats all i promise i will do a proper post sometime soon, which may take forever.

Ok bye[Unknown LJ tag]

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23 March 2010 @ 04:21 am
Phew! another event done......next up StreetFest!!!
But first, I need to start doing my FYP & all the other miscellaneous projects........arghhhh , endure endure.

Anyway, some photos from the event.
Just a couple of my favorite shots for both days.

Smoke & lights makes cool photos!

Head on over to my flickr account if your interested to see more
Day 1 - www.flickr.com/photos/bloodyjun/sets/72157623527334277/
Day 2 - www.flickr.com/photos/bloodyjun/sets/72157623671950038/